"Opinion Space will harness the power of connection technologies to provide a unique forum for international dialogue. This is...an opportunity to extend our engagement beyond the halls of government directly to the people of the world." U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 2010

Developed at UC Berkeley, "Opinion Space" is a new social media technology designed to help communities generate and exchange ideas about important issues and policies. A version of Opinion Space is being used by the U.S. State Department, where it has attracted thousands of participants from around the world to organize, visualize, and analyze constructive suggestions on foreign policy. Opinion Space is a self-organizing system that uses an intuitive graphical "map" that displays patterns, trends, and insights as they emerge and employs the wisdom of crowds to identify and highlight the most insightful ideas. The system uses a game model that incorporates techniques from deliberative polling, collaborative filtering, and multidimensional visualization.

Versions of Opinion Space (also known as Collective Discovery Engine)

Active Projects:
Partner Discussion Topic Launch Date
UC Berkeley How Social Media can benefit primary and secondary education? 07/15/2012
Opinion Space 4.0
US State Department What are one or two specific new technologies or interfaces that could help governments around the world enhance open public dialogue? 02/25/2011
Opinion Space 3.0
Past Projects:
Partner Discussion Topic Launch Date
IEEE CASE How could the IEEE CASE Conference be enhanced to be more valuable to you and others who may not know about it? 08/06/2013
Opinion Space 4.0
Occupy Movement How might jobs and employment change over the next 20 years? What are specific steps organizations or individuals could take now to make this future more equitable and satisfying? 05/24/2013
Opinion Space 4.0
African Robotics Network In what specific ways could African ingenuity be engaged in designing and manufacturing a new class of affordable educational robots for high school students in Africa and beyond? 03/25/2013
Opinion Space 4.0
UC Berkeley Science Society Systems course What are elements that you would want to encourage or want to guard against in a group problem-solving or decision-making process? 03/25/2013
Opinion Space 4.0
UC Berkeley What question would you ask William Gibson and why? 08/16/2012
Opinion Space 4.0
US State Department How can the international community strengthen global efforts to prevent nuclear proliferation? 12/01/2009
Opinion Space 2.0
UC Berkeley Do you think legalizing marijuana is a good idea? 04/01/2009
Opinion Space 1.0

Image Gallery

Minimal Opinion Space
Opinion Space Learning
Fiat Lux Project
OS State 3.0
OS State 2.0
OS State 1.0


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Press about Opinion Space

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Berkeley Automation Lab
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425 Sutardja Dai Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-1758
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