About This Project

The Proposition 30 Awareness Project is produced by the CITRIS Data and Democracy Initiative, in cooperation with the UC Berkeley AMP Lab. The project computes influence using the Kleinberg and Raghavan algorithm. Your influence value increases by one point for each person you invite, and by half a point for every person those people invite, and so on. We can then visualize these scores in a graph as shown below. This is part of a broader research project to understand how knowledge can be spread rapidly across large populations using social media. It is only for participants above 18 years old. Email addresses are solely used for login convenience, and only data without identifying information about the social network structure will be studied. We cannot control what participants do outside of our website, and participants may disclose details about their activity while sharing by email or social media.

Technical Citations: Contact:
Ken Goldberg: goldberg@berkeley.edu
Sanjay Krishnan: sanjaykrishnan@berkeley.edu